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"From day one, we aimed to think outside the box and deliver something that would disrupt this industry that was lacking innovation."

Being in the Digital Industry for the past 10 years, i have observed the way the internet has influenced every industry and more imporantly every part of our daily lives. Starting With Browsing, to Email, Chatting, Video Conferencing and VOIP, Active Directories, Social Media, Blogs, Smart Phones and Smart Devices, and many others.  I believe that part of this on going evolution is Media and this in specific means the way Media Sources Publish Content and the way Audience access content. Content that is more specific, solicited, and customized for every user's preference. Our idea behind mangomolo is to provide broadcasters a platform that automates and enhances their entire web streaming platform starting from better audience analysis, to an automated VOD delivery workflow, and moving into content monetization, social engagement/monitoring, and ad serving. The product will continue to evolve and we will keep adding new features to make sure our clients are one step ahead in terms of making new technology work for them and for their viewers.

Wissam Sabbagh , Mangomolo
Wissam Sabbagh
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Founder of Mangomolo and Group CEO of DOTCOM Mena. Technology Enthusiast and trying to put a ding into the universe.

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